Weighing Systems

  • Reasonably priced
  • Economical use
  • Suitable for future herding management

Accurate weighing of livestock at the touch of a button

Key features

All FX weighing scales are specially designed for the weighing of livestock. The weight is even exact when weighing unsteady animals due to the weighing electronics. Weighing is always possible, no need to wait for display “steady weight”. Weighing time is lengthened in two steps to 3 seconds with lively animals. A precise animal weight is calculated from the numerous measuring values.
Dung and dirt are automatically tared after the animal have left the scale. Of course you can weigh other goods with FX weighing scales, too.

Display and weighing cells can be freely combined

You have the choice: Either you buy the complete weighing system or you can solve your special weighing needs individually. Then you can combine the display and the weighing beam of your choice. There are steel, aluminium or stainless steel weighing beams and a heavy 3 tonne weighing beam is also available. We have not listed all possibilities here. Please ring and we will advice you individually.

Fast build up

The weighing beams stay at the crush or at the weighing platform. There is no annoying levelling needed compared to mechanical scales. But the scales should stand with all four legs on solid ground. Connect the electric supply with FX1 and FX15. All other scales have an integrated accumulator and are immediately ready for work. Connect the weighing cable with the display, switch on and the weighing can start!

Easy operation

The operational display of our scales is in German. All important buttons are coloured. „On“ is green, „off“ is red and „weighing“ is always yellow. The big digits are easy to read even in sun light. To ensure the weight can be read in peace, the last value is displayed until the next weighing in the “fix”-mode. FX21 and FX41 save weights and animal identification numbers automatically.

For every location a robust solution

All FX weighing scales work electronically without faulty susceptible mechanical parts. The displays have a dust and water proof polycarbonate housing. The extreme sturdy weighing beams have precise high resolution aluminium weighing cells with 2 tonne load capacity. This is enough for big bulls in heavy treatment units. Additionally there are enough reserves for one sided pressure. Bangs are eased with rubber buffers. Side loads, which are unavoidable with livestock, are taken with ease due to the steady leg construction, which is permanent and reliable. Each weighing cell is in a water-proof capsule. The connection to the display is carried out by high quality 6 m long cables and water proof plug connections with protection caps. Depending on the requirement, the beams are made from galvanised steel or light aircraft construction aluminium. We recommend for permanent use in stalls, weighing beams from stainless steel. The weighing beams and weighing cells are from V2A!

Weighing data and important informations

The resulting weights from FX21 and FX41 are saved and are transferable to every PC with the program FXLink. The weighing data is stored as text or CSV file. These data are easily transferred into word processing, spreadsheets and data bases. The programs agrocom Mutterkuh and dsp Fleischrind Zucht are able to take the data directly and assign it to the individual animal. FX15, FX21 and FX41 can be coupled directly with controlling computers.