Ranch Equipment

Cattle treatment stand Squeeze Chute

  • Professional security for cattle treatment
  • One man operation!
  • Operation of the catching unit Headgate
  • Opening and closing of the entrance door
  • Fixation of the animal
  • Opening and closing of the side exit
  • Catching unit Headgate and Head chain HC included

Priefert Headgate

  • Specially designed catching tubes provide
    a smooth, secure holding, combined with animal welfare.
  • Parallel guidance – all heavy parts moving horizontal are on rolls. Little muscle power needed for long working days. It also provides a wide front exit if opened – necessary for massive breeds.
  • Distance holder for automatic use, fits for every necksize: calf, heifer, cow and bull.
  • The worker can´t injure the animal through the clever selected transmission ratio.
  • The squeezing bar with seperate lock holds pregnant animals securily.
  • The squeezing lock holds the animal securily.
  • It can only be opened by the lever.
  • Equipment head chain, for individual fit and safe restraint, if working at the head.
  • Simple installation with four M12 screws.
  • It is possible for the operation lever to fit to either the right or left side, fitting into every crush.
  • One–lever–operation allows opening and closing with just one handle.
  • The spring closes the headgate, if set for automatic work.
  • Sturdy design for long lasting durability, even with wild and tempermentful cattle
  • Patented invention world wide – universally usable
  • Can be installed in existing crushes or stands (HGS).
  • Included in our treatment stands, Squeeze Chute and RB06, as well as the hoof pairing stand PediKur.
Priefert Squeeze Chute

Cattle treatment stand RB06

  • Head fixation with the proven Priefert Headgate
  • Automatic catching of animals without horns
  • Fast and manuel catching of animals with horns
  • Head chain available for additional head fixation
  • Removable pipes in the sliding door for rectal examination
  • On the sides there are single pipes, which are easy to take off
  • Floor is made of non slipping tread plates, with tilted sides
  • Stand is closed on top
  • Three point linkage is standard equipment
  • Transportable with a short fork lift and front loader
  • Installation of hoof pairing equipment is available
  • Catching basket available as additional equipment
  • Possiblility to attach different weighing scales
  • Hot dipped galvanised, except the head gate

Manga – the professional working system for long horned cattle

Recommended for the treatment of long horned cattle in large herds with 30 to 40 longhorn cattle.
The cattle are pushed into the working alley with the Circular Sweep. The alley has a tulip shape, narrow on the bottom for the body and wider on top for the horns.
With the large dimensioned gear segment and a long hand lever the special working system catches and holds the cattle securely. The side entrance makes rectal examinations or blood taking from the tail easier.

  • Catching basket in front of the catching unit
  • Hot dipped galvanised quality from TEXAS TRADING
  • Single parts are also available
  • Can be easily extended for larger herds by enlarging the waiting area
Longhorn working System Manga

Cattle working systems

Small cattle working system – ideal for beginning

Faster catching, free flow moving an secure working are possible with this system which is made out of four panels and part of the extensible TEXAS TRADING cattle working system.
You get a complete small cattle working system with Headgate, two side panels (one of them with a gate) and a sliding door, which provides the entrance. The other two panels can be used to build a crater, making it easier to move the cattle into the treatment unit (see picture). Alternatively there is always the option to build a useful pen out of four panels. The walk thru panel enables easy access into the box.

  • 1 AHG Headgate
  • 1 HC Head Chain
  • 1 HGS Headgate Stand
  • 3 P10 Panel 3 m
  • 1 WT10 Walk Thru Panel 3 m
  • 1 AF Alley Frame
  • 1 AAG Adjustable Alley Gate

Circular Sweep

90° Sweep
suitable, where animals are moved out of a barn and the crush runs along the building
Consists of:
2 CP curved panels
1 RB radius bar
1 FS10 swinging gate
1 PWAF gate with frame

180° Sweep
For secure moving of cattle into the crush
Consists of:
4 CP curved gates
3 RB stabilisation bars
1 FS10 swinging gate
1 PWAF gate with frame