Hoof pairing

Healthy animals are the basis for economical animal production. Hoof care accounts for one of the most important treatment measures. Traditional hoof pairing units, which are built for animals with daily human contact, are mostly unsuitable to catch shy cattle and dairy cows.
TEXAS TRADING as a specialist for outdoor animal equipment, has developed in cooperation with Mr. Rudolf Kästner (one of the most experienced hoof pairing specialist in eastern Germany) and the Rosensteiner company from Austria a walk-through stand for suckler cow farms and large dairy herds.
The PediKur Stands can be integrated into crushes. The foor is galvanised and perforated to allow dirt to flow through. Additionally there is an integrated platform weighing scale available. Both side parts are closed, but can be opened in order to work on the tied animal. A safety belt secures the animal by the breast bone and two padded chains support the back legs without pressure to the stomach and udder. The catching device is painted and the stand completely hot dipped galvanised. Additionally there is a removable three point linkage for transport.

PediKur M

The PediKur Stands provide quality for the specialists of grazing cattle, suckler cows and large dairy herds. This walk through stand enables the user to work flexibly.

  • The catching unit Headgate catches non trained animals manually or automatically.
  • Movable front leg holders on the side allow for comfortable working height in the walk-through stand.
  • Two winches on the back door enable the worker to use different working techniques. We recommend to raise the animals back legs in two steps. Firstly place the rope above the ankle (dutch method). This will allow for routine hoof pairing to be carried out. Using an angle grinder with a knife disk, an additional fixing of the hoof is essential with the lower winch.
  • To prevent the animal from lying down, the treatment stand is fitted with a breast belt in the front and two padded chains at the back to protect the udder.
  • All winches have a variable fast fixing system and allow for a slow release under pressure

PediKur L

The PediKur L is wider and longer than his smaller brother, PediKur M. All key-features are the same.

Hoof pairing stand PediKur M

Hoof pairing equipment

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