Products for Sheep and Goats

Sheep panels

  • Can be combined with all available sheep panels
  • 50 cm entrance width for passing through of barrows
  • Save, spring-loaded spring bolt
  • With 7 vertical bars for collecting or permanent
  • Two heights available: 0,92 m and 1,10 m
  • Two lenghts available: 1,83 m and 2,75 m

Double feeding racks

With small square bales to calves, sheep and goats through an upper rack. Low feeding losses through tight bar spacing and lower feeding trough which can be also used for feeding nuts and cereals. A practical and well designed feeding rack with various uses. Because of its length of 2,60 m and access from both sides there are a maximum on feeding spaces.
Sturdy and long lasting construction and hot dipped galvanised.
Due to its screw connection and assembly it is both easy and fast to build up and down. Only small storage space required.

feed rack
Double feeding rack