Water supply

NELSON Series 700

  • Fresh water supply all year round
  • Automatic water filling, without activating a valve by an animal
  • Water level and filling speed are individually adjustable for each animal.
  • Clean water due to fine water filter
  • There is no need to shut off a main
    water valve, if cleaning the bowl,
    due to the intergraded closing valve
  • High quality manufacturing of corrosive free materials like stainless steel, aluminium, brass and construction substance
  • Removable stainless steel drinking bowl allows hygienic cleaning.
    Disinfection is possible for the use in animal hospitals and zoos
  • The electric low voltage heating with 24 V offers optimised safety standard due to VDE for your animals. Please list suitable transformer TR200 on your order.
  • Series 730: 200 Watt heating power warranted
  • Series 760: 325 Watt heating power warranted
  • DLG proven water supply down to – 30 degree Celsius
  • Low energy use due to thermostat control. Heats only, if needed
  • Can be used for horses and zoo animals


There is a weighing bar built in the trough. The drinking bowl sits on one site, 
on the other the weight. If water is taken out of the bowl, the bowl will get lighter, the weighing bar lifts and opens the valve. Water fills the bowl, until the normal level is reached.

NELSON Series 300

The NELSON waterer series 300 is an electrical heated, thermostat controlled and frost proof self filling water trough.

  • Open watering place which fills the level automatically without activating a valve by an animal. Also small animals can be supplied the whole year with fresh water.
  • Low voltage heating, 24 Volt, with optimised safety standard due to VDE. Pre adapted transformer TR 200, kind of protection IP65, please list it in your order.
  • 200 Watt heating performance provides reserves, even on extremely cold days. Thermostat driven heating saves electricity. Heating is only on, if needed. High effectiveness due to the direct heating of the drinking water. The valve is as a critical part in the protected and heated water container.
  • Well designed, rounded off and injury free aluminium housing, now with a stainless steel drinking bowl. The inner parts are made from corrosive-free materials, like aluminium, brass and plastic.
  • Bowl can be tipped for easy cleaning.
  • Extremely sturdy, even proved with pigs. All functional parts are well protected
  • Can be used for cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs etc.

Thermo Spring

The operation of the self-sucking membrane pasture pump is instinctively familiar to animals. The thermo spring is equipped with particularly smooth running membrane pump (0,6l/stroke). It is a good value for money pump at all locations without water and electrical supply for all year round use. Water can be taken out of a stream or pasture well. The thermo spring has to be mounted on a roughly 1 m² concrete base directly above the pasture well. The housing insulates the sucking hose. The natural earth heat keeps the pump frost free down to -5 ºC. The supplied oil heating has to be turned on in colder days. It prevents freezing of the pump down to -25 ºC, depending on the wind force at the location.

Thermo Spring with Horse

Flap through POLAR MAX

Drinking from a fresh spring

  • Free access to water reservoir if flap is opened
  • Flaps can be easily opened by the animals, also in severe frost
  • Due to careful construction, the water flows off the flap area
  • Forming ice constructions and water are beaten off with each slamming of the flap
  • The swimmer valve is in a completely separate and insulated air chamber.
  • Double walled and insulated water container and flap keep the temperature of the water for a long time
  • Excrements and other dirt run down from the sloping flap
  • The same counts for bird excrements with the danger of salmonella infection
  • Plug can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Connection to pressurised water pipe (from 0,5 bar)
  • Bang resistant, UV sustainable, unbreakable (indestructible?) plastic housing with insulation
Polar Max

Frost-proof Hydrant

  • Water tap for the whole year, for pasture and side opened barns
  • Functions like a fire brigade hydrant. After closing the water tap water flows into the ground
  • Preventing frost damage
  • Simple handling
  • Ready for connection with
  • Only admitted for process water
  • Length over all 1,90 m
  • For draining height approx. 0,50 m