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    Products for Sheep and Goats

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    FX41-6, FX41 mit Akku und 60 cm AluminiumwiegebalkenWeighing system FX41the top model
    This weighing system is for the fast recording of the animals´ condition. Display of kill out, daily gain or gain since last weighing enables an exact and quick decision on each animal. Even sorting the animals by daily gain is possible.

    Functions can be pre-adjusted and are saved long-term with the various configuration menus in German. The precise evaluation of the animals´ weight is carried out by the press of a button the same as all of the FX-weighing scales.
    The FX41 has two displays. The upper text display shows step by step the explanation of the operation. The current weight is shown on the large weight display. The weight is shown after the weighing until the next weighing begins. Daily gain and kill out are immediately available with the arrow buttons.

    Animal identification
    The FX41 communicates with the crush scanner TL-01 or the hand scanner HL-02 for electronic animal identification. The FX41 has a coding table (possible to load from the PC) to change the electronic number into the farm number. You have the control over the animal number and weighing process.

    Data memory and transfer
    Space for up to 16000 weighing in 99 groups with datum! The memory content can be shown and searched for on the display. The memory content is perfectly transferred to the PC with the optional FX-Link for further results.

    Key board robust keyboard with coloured function buttons
    Display 4 digit 24 mm high LCD display and additional 2 digit text display for user guide and display of last weighing
    Measurements 280 x 186 x 90 mm (without handle)
    Weight 2,9 kg (including handle) integrated 12-V-accumulator with charger for 230 V mains.
    Supply Operation is possible on 12-V-DC supply. Low voltage display, protection from low discharging
    Aluminium weighing beams
      Type WB6A Type WB1A
    Length 606 mm 1006 mm
    Measurements bore distance bore distance
    A 512 mm 912 mm
    B 546 mm 946 mm
    Width 180 mm 180 mm
    Height 100 mm 100 mm
    Weight 2 x 5,5 kg 2 x 7,0 kg
    Version powder coated aluminium, water-proof, robust leg and standing are construction with rubber buffer, 6 m connection cable with water-proof plugs and protection cap.

    FX41-1, FX41 mit Akku und 100 cm Aluminiumwiegebalken FX41-6
    Weighing system FX41
    with holding frame, accumulator charger and battery connection cable 12 V.
    Set of Aluminium weighing beams 60 cm.

    FX41-1, FX41 mit Akku und 100 cm Aluminiumwiegebalken FX41-1
    Weighing system FX41with holding frame, accumulator charger and battery connection cable 12 V.
    Set of Aluminium weighing beams 100 cm.