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    Weighing system accessories

    fxlink.jpg FX-Link
    Software licence for PCs
    The direct transfer of saved weighing data from FX21 and FX41 is possible under Win95, 98, 2000 or NT. The data is filed as text. Agrocom Mutterkuh and dsp Fleischrind-Zucht are able to transfer these weights directly into the programme. (not pictured)

    fx-st FX-ST
    For holding the display unit, with a removable writing board. Two legs are foldable for easy transport.
    Height 122 cm
    Leg length 40 cm
    Writing board 35 x 23 cm
    Weight 7 kg

    Netzteil zum Betrieb von FX1 und FX15 FX-NT
    Mains adapter
    For the operation of FX1 and FX15 on 230 V AC mains supply, ready to use and equipped with a plug for the scale. Outlet voltage 12 V, 800 mA

    fx-prn FX-PRN
    Dot-Matrix printer
    The printer can be directly connected to the FX21 and FX41. Electricity is directly supplied by the display unit. Cheap print out on 58 mm normal paper (cashier roll). Sturdy housing provided for both indoor and outdoor use.

    FX-CH1.jpg FX-CH1
    Set of installation parts
    To use on 1000 mm steel, aluminium or stainless steel weighing beam under the treatment stand Squeeze-Chute for highest security).