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    Products for Sheep and Goats

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    WiegeplattformAluminium weighing platform

    • Wide walking area with bended sites, which provides a secure and calm standing of the cattle
    • Our panels P08, 2,4 m long, sliding door AAG and distance holder FX-BP are suitable for building a mobile weighing cage
    • Non-slip and easy to clean surface from aluminium checker plate
    • Sturdy bottom construction is suitable for heavy animals
    • Secure standing through weighing beams underneath the platform ends
    • Clamps for cable on the bottom.


    Weighing platform for horses
    Very sturdy and safe, even for bumpy horses.
    Suitable for 1 m weighing beams from steel, aluminium (recommended) and stainless steel.
    Length 239, width 120 cm, step on height 10 cm
    Weight 105 kg

    Wiegeplattform 0,65 x 2,37 m WPFM
    Aluminium weighing platform
    These weighing platforms are for mobile use in chutes or for building a mobile weighing cage.
    They are suitable for 60 cm weighing beams from steel, aluminium (recommended) and stainless steel.
    Price excludes weighing beam
    Length 237, width 65 cm, height 22 cm
    Step on height 10 cm
    Weight 49 kg

    FX-CH1.jpg FX-BP
    Floor slabs
    To use as distance holder between platform and weighing cage from cage parts. Exact weighing results provided, due to free moving platform.


    Permanent weighing cage
    Sturdy, hot dipped galvanised steel platform with water permeable vertical checker plates. The built on weighing cage is firmly connected with the platform.
    Entrance by swinging doors.
    Suits for 600 mm weighing beam from steel, aluminium or stainless steel.
    Size of platform: Inner 230 x 80 cm, outer 249 x 92 cm
    Height of cage 160 cm
    Walk thru height 192 cm, walk thru width 70 cm
    Weight incl. cage 316 kg