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    Water troughs and 0utdor waterer – suitable for horses and cattle


    Lister membrane pump

    cast iron
    for cattle and horses

    membran_weidepumpe_l4.jpg L4
    Lister membrane pump

    cast iron
    for horses and foals, cows and calfs

    wassertrog_swt4.jpg SWT4/SWT6/SWT10
    Water trough in three different sizes
    Made from high quality UV-resistant plastic, suitable for horses and cattle. Rim is bent to the inner side to prevent water spillage. Oval design offers space for more animals. The big opening enables easy emptying. A later installation of a membrane swimmer valve (S671) is possible for automatic filling.
    Code SWT4 SWT6 SWT10
    Capacity 400 ltr. 600 ltr. 1000 ltr.
    Length 1250 mm 1400 mm 1800 mm
    Width 820 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm
    Height 630 mm 630 mm 630 mm
    Weight 20 kg 25 kg 40 kg

    membranventil_s671.jpg S671
    Membrane valve
    For water supply up to 25 ltr. at 5 bar.
    Connection fitting R ½”.

    einhaengeventil_s513.jpg S513
    High performance hang-in valve
    For troughs and water reservoirs. Stainless steel housing, connection fitting R ½” right and left possible,
    2 securing frames included.
    25 ltr./min at 5 bar.

    wasserfass-anbautraenke_s98.jpg S98
    Water tank mounting bowl
    Large aluminium bowl 230 mm Ø with mounting platform.
    High water flow and quick water intake at low water pressure.
    Max. 5 bar water pressure

    doppel-anbautraenke_sft80.jpg SFT80
    Double mounting bowl
    Mounting on a water tank, UV-resistant plastic, 80 lt. capacity. Galvanised mounting unit. Integrated low pressure swimmer valve guarantees high water flow. Closable valve for transport, 2 drinking spaces, large water outlet

    ThermoQuelle.jpg TQ
    Thermo spring with petroleum heater
    Height 68 cm, depth 75 cm, width 44 cm
    Weight with pump 50 kg
    Weight without pump 26 kg
    Pump with housing and petroleum heater

    saugschlauch_ssch.jpg SSCH
    Suction pipe

    Strengthened and completed with connection fitting for thermo spring and bottom valve with sucking basket.
    Diameter 1”, length 7 m

    petroleumheizung_ph.jpg PH
    Petroleum heater

    For single purchase, fits into thermo spring.
    Heating performance 160 Watt
    Container 2,2 liter, heating durability approx. 14 days
    Delivery includes heater.