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    tq-mit-eckehard.jpgThermo Spring – all year round pump

    The operation of the self-sucking membrane pasture pump is instinctively familiar to animals. The thermo spring is equipped with particularly smooth running membrane pump (0,6l/stroke). It is a good value for money pump at all locations without water and electrical supply for all year round use. Water can be taken out of a stream or pasture well. The thermo spring has to be mounted on a roughly 1 m² concrete base directly above the pasture well. The housing insulates the sucking hose. The natural earth heat keeps the pump frost free down to -5 ºC. The supplied oil heating has to be turned on in colder days. It prevents freezing of the pump down to -25 ºC, depending on the wind force at the location.

    ThermoQuelle.jpg TQ
    Thermo spring with petroleum heater
    Height 68 cm
    Depth 75 cm
    Width 44 cm
    Weight with pump 50 kg
    Weight without pump 26 kg
    Pump with housing and petroleum heater

    Petroleumheizung PH
    Petroleum heater

    For single purchase
    Heating performance 160 Watt
    Container 2,2 litre
    Heating durability approx. 14 days
    Delivery includes heater

    Saugschlauch für Thermoquelle SSCH
    Suction pipe

    Strengthened and completed with connection fitting for thermo spring and bottom valve with sucking basket.
    Diameter 1”
    Length 7 m