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    OVIS Professional – The mobile sheep treatment device







    Developed by a shepherd,
    made for practical use:
    OVIS professional, the multipurpose sheep treatment device for highest demands. It provides more working speed, security for the sheep and comfort for the operator.
    The sheep enters the stand through a ramp with door and is caught in an upright position. The catching mechanism is released by a sensor eye and the sheep is held securely with pneumatic pressure. The only entrance to the stand closes immediately after a sheep is caught, which prevents other sheep entering. The caught sheep can be treated now in a comfortable position by the shepherd. This is hoof care which is easy on the shepherds back.
    The back hoofs can be cared for in a comfortable working height in the dipped position. Also shearing and veterinary treatment can be done easily.

    OVIS Professional – The mobile sheep treatment device

    Multipurpose use

    • automatic catching
    • weighing
    • sorting
    • hoof pairing
    • veterinary treatment
    • electronic identification

    Possibilities for upgrading  
    The stand should be equipped with a scale. Sheep can then be automatically weighed when caught.
    There is a 3-way-sorter available, which enables sorting in three different weight classes.
    Furthermore, the stand can be easily equipped with a reader for boluses or electronic ear tags. A further selection is then possible due to criteria of the electronic animal identification.


    Fast and animal friendly working
    The OVIS professional unites all important jobs of sheep farming and enables a fast, professional and almost automatic working for the shepherd. The treatment with the OVIS professional is comfortable for the sheep, because the danger of injury is minimised by the pneumatic catching device. Further the sheep walk well through the stand because there are no blocking doors in the way and there is always free vision to the exit.