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    Treibganglesegerät TL-01 erfaßt Tiernummern im VorbeilaufenScanner for weighing cage or alley – capturing animal numbers when walking by

    This permanent scanner is developed to capture animal numbers in a Weighing cage or in an Alley without the operator and to transfer these directly to a computer (e.g. scale or similar). It ensures a perfect identification rate.

    This scanner is particularly developed for the reliable detection of animals in large herds. The success of the scanning is shown with a control light.

    Through the adjusted measurements of the scanning antenna (120 x 60 cm) the animals are captured in the crush when walking by.
    The scanning distance for all ALLFLEX ear tags is approximately 60 cm.

    The scanner can be used in connection with mobile computers or the Weighing scale FX41. The connected controlling unit saves the animal numbers together with e.g. weight or treatment for later reports.
    It´s designed for rough conditions in agriculture and is water resistant. The electronics are shock resistant.

    The electric is supplied with a 12-V battery. A capacity of 7 Ah is efficient for the permanent use on a long working day.

    Technical data
    Code TL-01
    Size 124,5 x 59,5 x 10,5 cm 
    Weight 22 kg
    Display control light for successful scanning
    Electric supply external battery 12 V, electricity use approx. 700 mA
    Equipment  water resistant, electronic shock resistant, serial interface
    cables for data transfer and electric supply are supplied
    Installation  in the antenna door in gate door combinations (as pictured)
    Scanning distance 60 cm at ALLFELX ear tag EET