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    hg-0996.jpgTEXAS TRADING feeder new palisade design

    The special shape of this feeder provides more security for calves and foals.

    • decent feeding access for calves and foals
    • easy exit also in wet and mucky conditions
    • safe when fighting due to the possibility of being able to escape from to the top or botton
    • Hooves are prevented from getting caught for foals and calves through the tight bar space due to FN
    • Easy transport with the three point attachment (only for feeder 0996)
    • Delivery in 3 segments
    • Registered for a european patent
    • Exclusive at TEXAS TRADING

    Die Sicherheitsraufe mit der neuen Palisadenform, kleineres Modell

    TEXAS TRADING palisade feeder with 9 or 12 feeding spaces

    Code 0994 0996
    Feeding Spaces 9 12
    Height  1,30 m 1,30 m
    Weight  135 kg 174 kg
    Outer-Ø  1,77 m 2,30 m
    Inner-Ø     1,67 m 2,10 m

    Ovalraufe für Quaderballen und 16 Fressplätze

    Oval feeder for big square bales and 16 feeding spaces

    Code OVAL99
    Height  1,30 m
    Weight  250 kg
    Outer measure  3,4 x 2,0 m
    Inner measure    3,2 x 1,8 m

      Round Feeder for short horned cattle
    Rundraufe mit schrägen Gittern für 18 Fressplätze

    Round feeder with diagonal bars for 18 feeding spaces
    For hornless or short horned cattle. The design of the feeding spaces makes the animal eat in the feeder and therefore avoids feeding losses. Additional stabilisation through the upper ring. With three point linkage attachment. Unbreakable, heavy, hot dipped galvanised complete steel version. Delivered in three parts.

    Code 0901
    Height  1,40 m
    Weight  145 kg
    Outer-Ø  2,30 m
    Inner-Ø     2,20 m

    Please order roof 0902 seperately!

      TEXAS TRADING Round Feeder
    with vertical bars for cattle, horses, sheep etc. hot dipped galvanised complete steel version. Delivered in 3 segments!
    Rundraufe 0914

    Round feeder with vertical bars

    Code 0912 0914
    Height  0,80 m 0,80 m
    Weight  56 kg 70 kg
    Outer-Ø  1,70 m 2,20 m
    Inner-Ø     1,60 m 2,10 m

    Die sichere Pferderaufe - klein

    The secure horse feeder
    Sturdy steel construction, hot dipped galvanised and simple in design.

    Code 0917 0916
    Height  0,68 m 0,80 m
    Weight  80 kg 113 kg
    Outer-Ø  1,70 m 2,40 m
    Inner-Ø     1,60 m 2,30 m

      Palisade Round Feeder with 6, 9 or 12 feeding spaces
    Suitable for smaller round bales, silo bales etc. Filling from the top with front loader or by hand. Unbreakable, hot dipped galvanised complete steel version. Delivery in 3 segments, completed with screws.
    Code 0900 0904 0906
    Feeding spaces 6 9 12
    Height  1,30 m 1,30 m 1,30 m
    Weight  98 kg 150 kg 193 kg
    Outer-Ø  1,15 m 1,70 m 2,30 m
    Inner-Ø     0,98 m 1,48 m 2,10 m

    Dach für Rundraufe 0906 Roof
    For feeder 0901 and 0906, can be opened to the side for filling, hot dipped galvanised and supplied as a kit. Not suitable for horses. Weight 70 kg

      Solution for Corners
    Wall and corner feeders are easily built with our feeder segments.
    You have the choice of two sizes in round (0963R and 0964R) or straight (0963 and 0964).

    Code 0963 0963R 0964 0964R
    Picture Gerades Palisadenfreßgitter mit 3 Palisaden und 2 Freßplätzen 0963R Gerades Palisadenfreßgitter mit 4 Palisaden und 3 Freßplätzen 0964r
    Feeder segment shape straight round straight round
    Number of palisades 3 3 4 4
    Height  1,30 m 1,30 m 1,30 m 1,30 m
    (Chord) Length 1,70 m 1,40 m 2,17 m 1,98 m
    Weight  50 kg 50 kg 65 kg 65 kg

      Oval Feeder for round and big square bales
    Ovalraufe OVAL

    Oval feeder for round and big square bales
    With 16 feeding spaces. Hot dipped galvanised complete steel version. Delivered as a kit.

    Code OVAL
    Height  1,30 m
    Weight  270 kg
    Outer measure 3,4 x 2,0 m
    Inner measure    3,2 x 1,8 m