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    ahg-rind.jpgPriefert Headgate –
    Security for humans and animals

    • Specially designed catching tubes provide
      a smooth, secure holding, combined with animal welfare.
    • Parallel guidance – all heavy parts moving horizontal are on rolls. Little muscle power needed for long working days. It also provides a wide front exit if opened – necessary for massive breeds.
    • Distance holder for automatic use, fits for every necksize: calf, heifer, cow and bull.
    • The worker can´t injure the animal through the clever selected transmission ratio.
    • The squeezing bar with seperate lock holds pregnant animals securily.
    • The squeezing lock holds the animal securily.
    • It can only be opened by the lever.
    • Equipment head chain, for individual fit and safe restraint, if working at the head.
    • Simple installation with four M12 screws.
    • It is possible for the operation lever to fit to either the right or left side, fitting into every crush.
    • One–lever–operation allows opening and closing with just one handle.
    • The spring closes the headgate, if set for automatic work.
    • Sturdy design for long lasting durability, even with wild and tempermentful cattle
    • Patented invention world wide – universally usable
    • Can be installed in existing crushes or stands (HGS).
    • Included in our treatment stands, Squeeze Chute and RB06, as well as the hoof pairing stand Snap Top.

    Fangvorrichtung „Headgate“

    Overall height 175 cm
    Overall width 125 cm (over lever)
    Weight 99 kg

    ../Bilder für Dominik/headgate-HG10-zu.jpg HG10
    Overall height 175 cm
    Overall width 145 cm (over lever)
    Weight 115 kg

    Spezialkette zur Kopffixierung HC
    Head Chain
    For head fixation, very useful equipment for the catching unit Headgate.
    Weight 1 kg

    Ständer für „Headgate“ HGS
    For Headgate, solid steel tube construction with connection parts for a crush. Gives the Headgate a secure stand at every location. Stabilisation through the weight of the animal an the standing area.
    Weight 4 kg.

    Fangkorb für „Headgate“ KORB
    Catching basket
    For headgate, hot dipped galvanised, complete steel construction for installation afterwards. Recommended for long horned cattle. Lockable for catching, as shown in the picture, swings open to the side. For headgate AHG, suitable for all stands and crushes. Weight 40 kg