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    Waterers for large animals from NELSON-series 760

    NELSON series 760 is setting a new standard in size – more drinking ease for animals with large mouths like Shirehorses, Frisians, or cold bloods.

    • Always fresh water with the automatic water filling. No valve needs to be activated by an animal
    • Water level and filling speed is individually adjustable for each animal species.
    • Fine water filter ensures clean water
    • There is no closing of the main water supply valve needed for cleaning,
      because of the additional closing valve in the bowl
    • High quality treating of stainless materials, like stainless steel, aluminium,
      brass and construction substance
    • Removable stainless steel drinking bowl for hygienic cleaning. Possibility of disinfection for the use in animal hospitals or zoos.
    • 24 Volt heating provides optimized safety standard for your animals,
      due to VDE. Please list transformer TR200 in your order
    • Warranted 325 Watt heating performance
    • Thermostatically controlled heating secures low energy usage

    The drinking bowl sits on a weighing bar with an equivalent weight on the opposite side. If an animal takes water out of the bowl, the bar moves and the water valve opens. The valve is closed again, if the bowl is filled with enough water.

    NELSON-Tränke mit Edelstahlgehäuse zur Betonrohr-Montage 760-SH
    Model for mounting on a concrete pipe with stainless steel housing
    Building height 28 cm, for 15 – 18 horses. Suitable for mounting on a free standing concrete pipe with a 40 cm inner diameter. Water and electric supply from underneath. Thermostatically controlled heating, 24 Volt, 325 Watt.
    Please list Transformer TR400 in your order.

    NELSON-Tränke mit Edelstahlgehäuse - Wandmodell 760-WSH
    Wall mounted model with stainless steel housing
    Similar to model 760-10SH, but for wall mounting. Supplies water for15 – 18 horses. Building height 28 cm, 40 cm diameter.
    24 Volt, 325 Watt.
    Please list Transformer TR400 in your order.

    NELSON-Tränke mit Edelstahlgehäuse - Standmodell 760S24
    Free standing model with stainless steel housing
    For 15 – 18 horses, also suitable for big horses. The extra sturdy construction secures long use also in rough conditions. Water and electric supply from underneath. Building height 64 cm, 40 cm diameter. 24 Volt, 325 Watt.
    Please list Transformer TR400 in your order.

    TR400 Transformator TR400
    For NELSON drinking bowls series 760.
    Power inlet 230 V, outgoing 24 V, 400 W
    Hight 17,5 cm, width 17,2 cm, depth 11 cm, weight 7,7 kg