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    NelsonV4.jpgFrost proof comfort troughs from NELSON –
    series 300

    The NELSON waterer series 300 is an electrical heated, thermostat controlled and frost proof self filling water trough.

    • Open watering place which fills the level automatically without activating a valve by an animal. Also small animals can be supplied the whole year with fresh water.
    • Low voltage heating, 24 Volt, with optimised safety standard due to VDE. Pre adapted transformer TR 200, kind of protection IP65, please list it in your order.
    • 200 Watt heating performance provides reserves, even on extremely cold days. Thermostat driven heating saves electricity. Heating is only on, if needed. High effectiveness due to the direct heating of the drinking water. The valve is as a critical part in the protected and heated water container.
    • Well designed, rounded off and injury free aluminium housing, now with a stainless steel drinking bowl. The inner parts are made from corrosive-free materials, like aluminium, brass and plastic.
    • Bowl can be tipped for easy cleaning.
    • Extremely sturdy, even proved with pigs. All functional parts are well protected
    • Can be used for cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs etc.


    Water level is regulated by the weight of the adjustment key, which is placed above the valve. If water is taking out of the bowl, the adjustment key is lighter and the valve opens. Water fills the bowl until the weight closes the valve again.
    There are different valves from 0,3 – 6,9 bar available, the standard valve ranges
    from 4,1 – 5,5 bar.

    NELSON-Tränke zur Betonrohr-Montage

    Model for mounting on a concrete pipe
    Thermostat controlled, electrical heated, self filling drinking bowl for mounting on a concrete pipe (30 cm inner diameter). Water and electrical supply from underneath. Building height 20,3 cm, 33 cm diameter. Heating 24 Volt, 200 Watt. Please list Transformer TR 200 in your order.

    Thermoröhre mit Isolierung S344
    Thermo pipe with insulation

    For easy installation of NELSON drinking bowls, models 300-8A, 730-AH and 730-SH. The thermo pipe is made from Polyethylene with insulation. Length 400 mm.
    Price excluding NELSON drinking bowl

    300-24AH 300-24
    Free standing model
    Like model 300-8AH, but build as a standing model for a building height of 64 cm. Thermostat controlled 24 V, 200 Watt heating. Please list Transformer TR200 in your order. For indoor and outdoor use for up to 25 cattle. Water and electrical supply from underneath.

    TR200 Transformator TR200

    For NELSON drinking bowls.
    Power inlet 230 V, outgoing 24 V, 200 W
    Hight 14 cm, width 13,4 cm, depth 8,7 cm, weight 4 kg

    TR400 Transformator

    For NELSON drinking bowls series 760.
    Power inlet 230 V, outgoing 24 V, 400 W
    Hight 17,5 cm, width 17,2 cm, depth 11 cm, weight 7,7 kg

    Isolationsschlauch für Wasserzulauf 1004
    For NELSON drinking bowls. For the water supply. Special water-repellent design from refrigeration technology. Insulates also when wet, due to closed porous foam. Ideal for the supply pipe direct under the bowl. Inner diameter 42 mm, wall thickness 19 mm.