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    Microchips and injectors

    All chips listed here are standard for animal identification due to DIN ISO 11784
    and 11785. They are packed ready to use in sharp one way neddle with Luer-Lock.
    Two bar code labels with the chip number are supplied.

    Allflex Injektat 12 mm, steril Inj12
    Ideal chip for dogs, cats, other pets and zoo animals. Very suitable for horse passport identification. Recommended, if the size of animal and the use to humans allow close reading distance.
    Length 11,5 mm, Ø 2 mm. Sterile packed in a one way needle.

    Allflex-Injektat 23 mm, steril Inj23
    For horses fed on tranponder feeding system. Be aware of a good antenna location! Length 23 mm, Ø 4 mm. Sterile packed in a one way needle.

    ALLFLEX-Injektat 32 mm, steril Inj32
    Ideal for controlling tranponder feeding stations for horses. Please apply it into the neck muscle because of its size.
    Length 32 mm, Ø 4 mm. Sterile packed in a one way needle.

    Injektor für Allflex-Injektate INJ
    Useable for Dr. Hüther microchip system. Reliable and ergonomic pistol, dull nickeled and long lasting version. Secure attaching of the injection needle thru Luer-lock thread. Needle can be turned by 360º for easiest application. Depth is adjustable for INJ12, INJ23 and INJ32.

    Ordinary plastic applicator
    For 12 mm chips only, because the application unit is adjusted with limited strength and injection depth. The cheap alternative for the occasional application of the small
    microchip INJ12. With Luer-Lock.
    The picture shows an ordinary applicator, plastic with needle attached for 12-mm-chip.