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    Klauenpflegestand TOP5Hoof pairing stand TOP 5 for dairies

    Developed to make hoof pairing in dairies easier and more economic.
    That means reducing stress for both the animals and hoof pairer.
    The TOP 5 is animal friendly, allowing free movement in the walk thru arean. The frame is made of round parts and have no out-standing parts.
    Clear visiability to the front of the stand reduces the risks of animals been freightened when entering.
    The stand can be done from an effective working position.
    Proven rope clips from ship manufacturing allow quiet working, quick and secure tightning, as well as controlled releasing under pressure. Each hoof is swong into the best possible working position.

    Easy accessible hoof for every working method at comfortable working height.
    Top5 TOP5
    Hoof pairing stand
    Length over all 216 cm
    Width 111,5 cm outside 80 cm inside
    Height 197,5 cm outside 170 cm inside
    Weight 280 kg
    Suitable animal sizes 350 – 850 kg

    Electric Back leg wind