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    Hoof Pairing Equipment

    images/klauenfraesscheibe-KLSP.jpg KLSP
    Hoof moulding disk
    Original IP Philipsen, 115 mm diameter, with hard metal granules, coarse grid, with teflon coating and vibra-stop.
    Removes the hoof dust free, doesn´t get greasy, doesn´t heat up.
    Suitable for all common angle grinders. 

    Klauenmaßstab KMS
    Aluminium moulding tool for controlling the hoof measures, very helpful, it´s part of the basic equipment of a hoof pairer 

    Spezial-Messerschärfer MS01
    Knife sharpener, swiss patent, for sharpening hoof pairing knives in a flash

    Soft DL knife disk with knives
    Base of the disk: aluminium, 100 mm diameter, seven cutting knifes, both sides usable, from hard metal (Widia).
    Weight with a set of knifes: 200 g.

    DLEM.jpg DLEM
    Replacement knives / piece

    DLBE.jpg DLBE
    Fastening element for one knife

    Huf- und Klauenschere KPS1-1
    Hoof pairing scissors
    , dead stop, 70 cm

    Huf- und Klauenschere KPS1-2
    Hoof pairing scissors, spring top, 70 cm