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    Heatable Indoor Troughs

    Robuste Zungentränke - beheizbar S41A
    Sturdy tongue drinkers
    Water supply from underneath for water pressure up to 8 bar. Water flow can be regulated with exchangeable nozzles. Drinking bowl is made of enamel cast iron and is easy to clean. Integrated heating with 24 Volt and 80 Watt performance provide warm water. Please list Transformer TR200 in your order.

    Thermoröhre mit Isolierung S344
    Thermo pipe with insulation
    For easy installation of Suevia S41A.
    Thermo pipe is made from polyethylene with insulation.
    Length 400 mm.
    Price excludes drinking bowl

    Tränkebecken beheizbar, für Wand- und Rohrmontage S46A
    Heatable drinking bowl
    for wall and pipe installation. Bowl is made from cast iron, completely enamelled. Water flow can be varied from the outside, without demounting the valve. Pipe and wall installation possible! Connection R ½” from above and underneath, max. 5 bar water pressure.
    Heating performance 80 Watt/24 Volt. Use a frost protection heating pipe for heating the mains. Tying bows are needed for the installation on a pipe. Please list Transformer TR200 in your order.

    befestigungsbuegel_s180.jpg S180
    Tying bow
    Double clamp for installation of the drinker S46A on piping 2” – 3”. Two clamps are necessary for the installation of the drinker.

    transformator_tr200.jpg TR200
    For two drinkers S41A or S46A.
    Power inlet 230 V, outgoing 24 V, 200 W
    Heigh 14 cm, width 13,4 cm, depth 8,7 cm
    Weight 4 kg