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    Robust Hand Scanners For Every Days Use

    Hand scanner –
    Powerful scanner with external electric supply

    The TEXAS TRADING hand reader HL-02 can read all transponders (electronic ear tags, chips and boluses) due to the world wide norms DIN ISO 11 784 and DIN ISO 11 785.
    The scanning is started with the press of a button and the red display bulb lights. If an electronic animal number is found the green LED and a short peep tone will signalise that. The scanner can store up to 1600 numbers in a cache memory or transfer it immediately to the controlling computer. The HL-02 has protection class IP67, and is therefore water and dust proof. It can take falls from 1 m height on a concrete floor, but can´t be used as a cattle moving stick!
    The hand scanner HL-02 has a spiralled cable which is 3 m long if stretched.
    The scanner is connected with the controlling computer by a 9 wired plug, which also provides the voltage supply. The scanning report can be easily adjusted with the delivered configuration software.  
    Content of delivery
    Hand scanner HL-02 complete with RS-232-interface, battery connection cable and configuration software.
    The scale FX41 and the HL-02 are well suited to each other and communicate well together. The combination enables a cheap start into the weighing of electronically marked animals.
    Technical data
    Size                430 x 30 x 50 mm Ø
    Weight            720 g inclusive cable
    Display            red and green LEC, bleeper
    Electric supply  external with 6 or 12 Volt
    Environment     water and dust proof (IP67)
    Reading distance up to 35 cm with ALLFLEX EET


    The new DATAMARS reader "GES3S" has been especially designed as portable livestock identification device with best-in-class reading performance. Fully water-proof (IP 67 class), the GES3S can be perfectly used for working in outdoor field conditions and reads all ISO HDX and FDX-B transponder in accordance to ISO Standard 11784/5 and ISO 11784-AMD1.
    Technical data
    Size                223 x 108 x 41 mm
    Weight            326 g
    Display            TFT LCD color display multiline
                         diverent sounds for signals
    Electric supply  Akku 3,7 V / 2500 mAh
    Interface         USB and Bluetooth       
    Memory           1 GB              
    Scanning distance 30 cm at ALLFLEX ear tag EET
    Content Of Delivery
    Hand scanner with USB wire for data transfer and charging batteries, battery charger for power, software package RumiSoft, shoulder strap, storage case

    ALLFLEX Pocket Reader AL-PKR

    Pocket scanner for small animals and horses
    Handy ISO pocket scanner for small animals and occasional readings. For all tranponders due to ISO 11 784 and ISO 11 785.
    One button operation to turn on and to read. Three further buttons are for changing the reading settings. The successful readings are signalled with red LCD and beeper, the 2 lined LCD display switches over to the new animal number. The scanner switches automatically off when unused. Operation with 9-V-block (Alkali-Manganese) which lasts for approx. 2500 scannings.
    Technical data
    Size               125 x 70 x 24 mm
    Weight           180 g (with installed 9-V-block)
    Display           2 lines à 8 digits
    Electric supply 9-V-block
    Scanning distance 5 cm at ALLFLEX chip INJ12
    10 cm at ALLFELX eat tag EET

    Content Of Delivery

    Pocket scanner ready to use with 9-V-block, protection bar with clip

    handleser_ges1s.jpg GES1S
    Hand scanner gesreader 1 S for pigs
    The Gesreader 1 S is a hand scanner for displaying electronic animal numbers for all electronic ISO-ear tags, -chips and boluses. After turning on, the tranponder is read in a radius of 25 cm and the number is shown on the big, two lined display. The successful scanning is indicated by a beeper. The scanner switches off independently after 15 seconds for energy saving. For the comfortable scanning of boluses a bar antenna is available as additional equipment.  
    Technical data
    Size                205 x 100 x 40 mm
    Weight            335 g
    Display            2 lines à 16 digits
    Electric supply  large integrated accumulator
    Reading distance 25 cm at ear tag EET