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    Free swing bow gates

    FS10.jpg FS10
    Free swing bow gate
    3 m wide and 2,10 m high with one handle, double-bolting locking system. Can be used as a big gate or as an important part in the handling facility of the circular sweep.
    Weight 102 kg

    schwingtor_fs109.jpg FS109
    Free swing bow gate
    is 3 m wide and with the telescopic arch up to 2,70 m high makes it possible to drive or ride through. With one handle, double-bolting locking system, to open and close from the horse. Solid steel-tube construction, removable arch for transport, inside and outside hot dipped galvanised.
    Weight 112 kg

    Panel Tür mit Rahmen 1,20 m breit BG04
    Gate with frame
    1,2 m wide, completed with two chains.
    To fit in between fencing gates or solid walls.
    Weight 28 kg.