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    Polar-MaxFlapt rough POLAR MAX – drinking from a fresh spring

    • Free access to water reservoir if flap is opened
    • Flaps can be easily opened by the animals, also in severe frost
    • Due to careful construction, the water flows off the flap area
    • Forming ice constructions and water are beaten off with each slamming of the flap
    • The swimmer valve is in a completely separate and insulated air chamber.
    • Double walled and insulated water container and flap keep the temperature of the water for a long time
    • Excrements and other dirt run down from the sloping flap
    • The same counts for bird excrements with the danger of salmonella infection
    • Plug can be easily removed for cleaning
    • Connection to pressurised water pipe (from 0,5 bar)
    • Bang resistant, UV sustainable, unbreakable (indestructible?) plastic housing with insulation
    • DLG-test Nr. 5160

    wpm20.jpg WPM20
    Double trough with 2 flaps
    Measurements (L x W x H)
    97 x 51 x 71 cm
    Capacity 62 litre
    Weight 34 kg
    Provides water for 60 cattle or 50 horses
    DLG-tested until -20 ºC.

    wpm16_7988.jpg WPM16
    Super insulated single trough
    Measurements (L x W x H)
    84 x 58 x 69 cm
    Capacity 56 litre
    Weight 31 kg
    Provides water for 40 cattle or 30 horses