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    Fencing gates and accessories

    Weidezauntor, verstellbar von 5-6 m
    Extendable fencing gate
      4300 4301 4302
    adjustable from 3-4 m 4-5 m 5-6 m
    Gate height 115 cm 115 cm 115 cm
    Vertical rungs 2 3 3
    Rung distance 24 cm 24 cm 24 cm
    Weight 56 kg 66 kg 77 kg

    Weidezauntor ausziehbar für Einbaulängen von 1,20 bis 1,80 m
    Small extendable fencing gate
      PG0406 PG0608 PG0810
    Inner distance 125-185 cm 185-245 cm 240-300 cm
    Gate height 122 cm 122 cm 122 cm
    Total height 130 cm 130 cm 130 cm
    Vertical rungs 1 1 2
    Rung distance 24 cm 24 cm 24 cm
    Lock PGV PGV Chain
    Weight 25 kg 30 kg 35 kg

    Fencing Gate
      PG04 PG08 PG10
    Fitting length 120 cm 240 cm 300 cm
    Gate height 122 cm 122 cm 122 cm
    Total height 130 cm 130 cm 130 cm
    Vertical rungs 0 1 1
    Rung distance 24 cm 24 cm 24 cm
    Weight 16 kg 28 kg 33 kg

    Fencing Gate
      PG12 PG14 PG16
    Fitting length 360 cm 420 cm 420 cm
    Gate height 122 cm 122 cm 122 cm
    Total height 130 cm 130 cm 130 cm
    Vertical rungs 2 2 3
    Rung distance 24 cm 24 cm 24 cm
    Weight 39 kg 45 kg 45 kg

    Panel Tür mit Rahmen 1,20 m breit BG04
    Fencing gate with frame

    1,2 m wide, complete with two chains. For installation between panels or walls.
    Frame 128 x 260 cm, gate 105 x 205 cm, weight 28 kg


    Fencing gate
    with frame
    Fast installation, always fitting. Especially suitable to lead single animals through. Fast and easy access with or without wheel barrow. Gate with post, hinge and lock completely mounted and hot dipped galvanised.
    Frame 128 x 260 cm, gate 105 x 205 cm
    Length ground bars 50 cm, weight 31 kg


    Screw on fittings
    for installing doors, dividers, cubicles etc. onto a wall or timber beam. Delivery includes bolt which is tied to a short chain. Mounting screws are not included. Distance from wall to centre bolt is 35 mm. Hole Ø 13 mm, hole distance 100 mm. Weight 2 kg.


    Bolt holder
    for fencing gates 4300 to 4302.
    Weight 2 kg

    Gewindespindel BT1

    Threading spindle BT


    Wall Fitting


    Special post
    to mount onto the “PG” fencing gates. Bushings are welded on to connect the spindles and give high stability. Delivery with caps (threaded spindles come with the PG´s).
    Length 200 cm, weight 11 kg

    Spezialisolator, schwarz, 10-Stück-Tüte

    Special insulator

    Installation onto our fencing gates. For wire, cord, flex or 10-mm-tape. Only available in black.


    Gate lock
    “PG” gates can be locked in any position. Ideal for double gates in combination with PGVD. Simply screw onto the “PG”.

    Überwurfriegel PGVD

    Flip Lock
    for double gates. Lockable with padlock. Delivery excludes padlock.


    Support wheel
    for “PG” fencing gates. Simply put onto the vertical oval profile of the gate. Releases the post. Recommended for gates wider than 4,2 m. Height adjustable.


    Known from our gate series “WT”. Falling lock for the single hand operation.Delivery completed with screwing on counterpart for the post. In combination with PG04 specially suitable for leading single animals out of the enclosure. Lockable with padlock.


    Self locking lock
    with single hand operation for gates opening in only one direction. Just push it in the direction to the wall for closing! Delivery completed with screwing on counterpart. Lockable with padlock.


    Special lock
    for gates opening in either direction, which can be opened and closed with one hand. Lockable with padlock. Delivery completed with screw on counterpart.