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    Fence Accessories


    Gallagher Smartfix

    This practical measuring tool is a must for everybody having a fence. It´s ideal for searching faults and detects the reasons for a bad working electric fence in no time. Voltmeter, ampere meter and arrow display which guides in the direction of the fences fault!

    12-Volt -Zaunalarm
    ZAF12 ZAF230
    Distance control for every 12-Volt-Energizer Distance control for every 230-Volt-Energizer

    Enables you to check the working voltage of the most isolated fence via text message.Controls permanently the voltage of the fence and sends a text message to your mobile phone, if it falls below the adjusted value
    enables you to switch the fence on and off via text message independently of the distance. For all energizers, regardless of manufacturer, does not matter if battery or mains energizer with 12- or 230-Volt-supply voltage More information


    Gallagher lightning diverter

    Protects the energizer and fence with lightning conduction into the ground. For all energizers. Simply mount onto the fence.

    Gallagher Digitalvoltmeter

    Gallagher digital voltmeter

    Fence voltage controller with digital display and ground bar. Indispensable with the reliable control of a electric fence, earthing and fencer.
    The tester switches automatically on and off.


    Electro fence switch

    To switch the fence on, off and over. Also ideal for the use of mains fencer. Two separate fences can be switched with it.



    Simple fence tester shows the condition of the fence in 6 steps. 1000 to 10000 V. Ergonomic design with extra flexible cable.


    Lightning protection kit super

    Regulation for all mains fencer! Protects the fencer and house electric through lightning conduction into the ground.


    Signal light

    Flashes with every impulse. No flash below 3000 V for easy detection if fence isn´t secure anymore. Good control over the fence. No batteries needed. Warns game of the fence.

    Warnschild Elektrozaun

    Electric fence warning sign

    Due to VDE electric fences have to have a warning sign at a distance of 100 m at the junction of side roads as well as on spots where no electric fence is suspected.