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    Earthing accessories


    Gallagher underground cable 1,6 mm Ø
    25 m roll
    Specially for the connection from the fencer to the fence and earthing system and for laying under gates. Recommended for distances less than 50 m.

    also GUK3
    Gallagher underground cable 1,6 mm Ø
    50 m roll


    Underground cable 1,6 mm Ø

    Underground and supply cable with tinned copper conductor
    1,6 mm Ø, first-class conduction ability and high voltage proof insulation.

    Code UK50 UK8 UK3
    Magnitude 50 m roll 8 m cable 3 m cable


    Earthing bar 1 m

    Made from hot dipped galvanised steel. With screw to connect the earthing cable. Earthing bars are important for your security: Over 80 % of the installed earthing systems are poor. Therefore check the earthing after installation of earthing bars or at permanent earthing at least once a year, preferably during a dry period.
    If you feel an electric shock when touching the earthing bar, the earthing is poor and has to be improved!

    also ERD2
    Earthing bar 2 m

    BAT75 9-V-Alkaline-Hochleistungsbatterie

    9-V-Alkaline high performance battery 75 Ah

    This battery provides a continuous high operational security over the whole battery life.
    Capacity 75 Ah, length 165 mm, width 110 mm, height 115 mm


    Gallagher 9-V-Alkaline battery

    Eco-friendly fencing battery with constant voltage for optimised fencer performance. C. 30 % higher performance than ordinary batteries.

    Code G120AH G175AH
    Capacity 120Ah 175Ah
    Length 160 mm 190 mm
    Width 115 mm 125 mm
    Hight 110 mm 160 mm

    Gallagher Kabelset GKASET
    Gallagher cable kit

    Fence and earthing cable kit. Coloured insulated clamps with stainless steel contacts for all battery and accumulator fencer.

    gkast KAST
    Theft-proof box

    Sturdy metal box which protects the fencer against weather. The box is under electricity and can be locked with a padlock. The box prevents theft of fencer and accumulator.