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    Enclosures and lunging arenas



    Enclosures made from panels are ideal for mobile equipment at competitions, events and shows, as well as for temporary installation in existing buildings. Depending on the size of the animal you can vary the size and height of the pen with the ordinary panels or with the pony and individually sized ones. A basic pen consists of 1 walk through WT10 and 3 panels P10.
    For use with either cattle or horses, gate enclosures are always good value for money. They are welfare friendly and safe for enclosing animals.

    Reitzirkel A Lunging arena made of gates is quickly built up and down and is variable in shape and size. It is suitable for riding and lunging as well as for ground work and loose running. For a standard size of 18 m diameter 1 walk through WT10 and 17 panels P10 are required. The free swing bow gate FS109, which gives an additional possiblilty of riding and driving through, can be alternatively used instead of the WT10. A rectancular shaped arena is also possible to build. For improved stability we recommend fitting T-posts between the panels which fit exactly between the oval tubes of the gates.

    Zaunelement / Panel 3,00 m P10
    Length 300 cm, weight 41 kg, height 175 cm, rung spacing 21 cm

    Panel-Torkombination 3,00 m WT10
    Walk through

    Length 300 cm, height 210 cm, weight 51 kg

    Zaunelement mit 2 Fressplätzen, 3,00 m FWT10
    Walk through with 2 feeding places
    and the gate next to them. The stronger frame makes it very robust! Length 300 cm, weight 68 kg, height 210/175 cm

    Schwingtor 3,00 m mit Bogen 2,70 m hoch FS109
    Free swing bow gate
    is 3 m wide and with the telescopic arch up to 2,70 m high makes it possible to drive or ride through. With one handle, double-bolting locking system, to open and close from the horse. Solid steel-tube construction, removable arch for transport, inside and outside hot dipped galvanised. Weight 112 kg


    T-post 2,10 m

    built up quickly, extremely sturdy and long lasting due to steel from re-rolled rail tracks, compatible for all kinds of fencing, Weight 4,00 kg