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    Electronic ear tags

    Please take notice of the recommendation of the standardising body and apply the electronic ear tag in the left ear.
    For herd management the ear tag type EET or EETS can be reused. Cut the pin of the counterpart with a clipper if an animal leaves the farm. If the tag is applied to the next animal the pin of the new button pushes the rest of the old one out.

    Take notice of the pictured white electronic ear tag type EETA with closed, manipulation secure cap for the official marking. We are able to let them be manufactured for you with the VVVO-number of your animal.

    EET mehrfach verwendbare Ohrmarke, Stückpreis ab 1 Stück EET
    Electronic ear tag for large animals, like cattle

    EETA elektronische Ohrmarke, Stückpreis ab 1 Stück EETA
    Electronic ear tag for cattle
    With closed cap

    EETS elektronische Ohrmarke für Schafe, Ziegen und Schweine, Stückpreis ab 1 Stück EETS
    Electronic ear tag for sheep, goats and pigs

    Knopf männlich KNMU
    Recommended counterpartbutton male
    bag with 100 pieces