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    Ear tag applicators – suitable for all Allflex ear tags

    Official ear tags, farm tags and electronic ear tags.
    Appliying a lot of ear tags, you will value the Ultramatic highly!

    Automatic pin pull back

    • The tags are always securely connected, because only than the pin is pulled back. The pin pull back can be heard by a snapping noise.
    • Bending of the pin is more or less impossible due to the fast pin pull back,
      even if the animal pulls its head away.
    • Comfortable use due to the natural movement of the hand
    • Full concentration of the correct location of the tag, because the halter with the tag can be turned by 360 º

    Ohrmarkenzange Ultramatic UM
    Ear tagger Ultramatic
    The tagger for electronic ALLFLEX ear tags with automatic pin pull back for professionals.

    Ohrmarkenzange Retractomatic RM
    Ear tagger Retractomatic

    As described above, but only for visual ALLFLEX ear tags.

    Ohrmarkenzange Total Tagger TOTAG
    Ear tagger Total Tagger

    This is a good value for money alternative for all visual and electronic ear tags from ALLFLEX.

    ersatzstift_totags.jpg TOTAGS
    Original ALLFLEX spare pin
    Suitable for Ultramatic and Total Tagger (not pictured).