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    Double feeding racks

    schafraufe-einsatz.jpg With small square bales to calves, sheep and goats through an upper rack. Low feeding losses through tight bar spacing and lower feeding trough which can be also used for feeding nuts and cereals. A practical and well designed feeding rack with various uses. Because of its length of 2,60 m and access from both sides there are a maximum on feeding spaces.
    Sturdy and long lasting construction and hot dipped galvanised.
    Due to its screw connection and assembly it is both easy and fast to build up and down. Only small storage space required.


    Double feeding rack
    Pick-up rack for sheep, goats and other small animals Chains on the movable side parts help justify the width and the volumn
    Edge protection at the crib to prevent food losses
    3 point linkage for easy shifting with an empty rack
    Supplied as a kit

    Length 1,65 m
    Width 1,35 - 2,15 m
    Height 1,45 m
    Weight 130 kg

    dach_RA1002.jpg RA1002
    Roof for double feeding rack
    Rain protection for the food
    Length 2,05 m
    Width 1,60 m
    Height max. 1 m above feeding rack
    Weight 38 kg

    1008.jpg 1008
    Double feeding rack
    Length 2,6 m
    Height 1,2 m
    Weight 90 kg

    Dach für Doppelraufe 1005 und 1008 1010
    Roof for double feeding rack
    Rain protection for the food
    Weight 44 kg