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    Fence alarm 24/7 – Fence test and distance control with mobile phone

    12-Volt -Zaunalarm
    • Enables you to check the working voltage of the most isolated fence via text message.
    • Controls permanently the voltage of the fence and sends a text message to your mobile phone, if it falls below the adjusted value
    • Enables you to switch the fence on and off via text message independently of the distance
    • For all fencers, regardless of manufacturer, does not matter if battery or mains fencer with 12- or 230-Volt-supply voltage.

    Mobile coverage at the location of the fencer, a connected SIM card of any provider for the fence alarm and your own switched on mobile phone are necessary. A security risk can be avoided with that!

    The fence alarm is delivered with a robust IP65-housing. Earthing and fence connection cable are also included in the package. For switching the fencer on and off, the fence alarm is fitted between the socket and the supply entrance to the fencer or battery and fencer respectively.

    Weight 2 kg

    ZAF12 Distance control 12 Volt

    ZAF230 Distance control 230 Volt