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    umlaufheizung_s313.jpgStainless steel heater pulstronic – circulation heating for open housing with several drinkers

    • Heating spiral without direct contact with
      the water prevents furring
    • Temperature is kept below 55 ºC to prevent built up of limestone
    • The pumping wheel is made from high quality plastic, integrated in the stainless steel heating unit
    • Return pipe control saves electricity: The needed return pipe temperature can be easily adjusted with a rotary switch on the heater.
      If the return pipe temperature gets below the adjusted value, the feed pipe temperature will be increased.
    • With summer/winter switch
    • Winter setting = heating on
    • Summer setting = automatic daily starting of the pump to prevent blocked pump.
    • Operation control lights
    • Alarm signal at defaults
    • For insulated ring pipes up to 200 meters, including the return pipe
    • Excess pressure valve, ventilation valve, check valve and rebound flap
      included in the delivery
    • The heater “Pulstronic” is ready for connection.
      Equipped with water fittings in R ¾”.
    • A trip switch has to be provided

    umlaufheizung_s313.jpg S313
    Stainless steel heater Pulstronic
    3000 W, 230 V


    Flow indicator

    Transparent inspection glass with 3/4" connection. Contains an impeller for cotroling the circulation. To be installed at the end of the return pipe before the flap trap.