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    Cattle treatment stand squeeze chute
    • Professional security for cattle treatment
    • One man operation!
    • Operation of the catching unit Headgate
    • Opening and closing of the entrance door
    • Fixation of the animal
    • Opening and closing of the side exit
    • Catching unit Headgate and Head chain HC included

    S04.jpg S04
    Squeeze Chute
    Inner measurement L x W x H, 220 x 83,8 x 179 cm
    Outer measurement L x W x H, 242 x 135 x 210 cm
    Weight 550 kg

    Anbauteile ATCH
    Set of fittings
    Four pieces, for direct linkage between a crush and the treatment stand Squeeze Chute. Weight 4 kg.

    Fahrvorrichtung für Squeeze Chute S04 CA04

    Equipment for Squeeze Chute. Can be moved and placed in accurately with one person. For farm use only.

    Lasso.jpg LASSO
    Original American lasso

    Working lasso, like they use in the USA for catching single cattle out of the herd. The loop is strengthened with raw skin. Length 9 m.