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    Cattle treatment stand RB06
    • Head fixation with the proven Priefert Headgate
    • Automatic catching of animals without horns
    • Fast and manuel catching of animals with horns
    • Head chain available for additional head fixation
    • Removable pipes in the sliding door for rectal examination
    • On the sides there are single pipes, which are easy to take off
    • Floor is made of non slipping tread plates, with tilted sides
    • Stand is closed on top
    • Three point linkage is standard equipment
    • Transportable with a short fork lift and front loader
    • Installation of hoof pairing equipment is available
    • Catching basket available as additional equipment
    • Possiblility to attach different weighing scales
    • Hot dipped galvanised, except the head gate

    Rinderbehandlungsstand RB06 RB06
    Cattle treatment stand
    External length 250 cm, internal lenghth 218 cm
    External breadth 130 cm, internal breadth 80 cm
    External height 198 cm, internal height 171 cm
    Weight 400 kg


    Heckstange für Behandlungsstand RB06

    Back bar
    Consisting of back bar and diagonal locking sections
    Reduces the moving space of the animal, allows comfortable working with young animals through adjustable height, calmed standing of nervous animals

    Klauenpflege-Zubehör für Behandlungsstand RB06

    Additional hoof pairing equipment
    Front leg wind, transferrable with safety crank,
    Back leg wind, removable with safety crank,
    Belt equipment for cranks,
    Breast belt and thigh belt