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    Calf creep feeders – efficient use of valueable calf creep feed

    The separate feeding of suckling calves under normal circumstances is a good investment with remarkable returns.
    The milk production of suckling cows isn´t often efficient enough to satisfy the calves needs for nutrients. The optimised rearing of calves can be achieved with additional feeding indoors and outdoors. 
    The calf creep feeder allows selective food intake, which enables calves to reach heigher weaning weights. Delivered as a kit! 

    NO7000-offen.gif NO7000
    Feeder with calf creep
    Measures         2,20 x 1,90 m
    Capacity          950 ltr.
    Weight            3033 kg

    NO7010-futterautomat.jpg NO7010
    Feeder single
    Capacity          950 ltr.
    Weight            251 kg

    NO7000-schlupf.jpg 37NO7020
    Calf creep single
    Measures         2,20 x 1,90 m
    Weight            82 kg

    Kälberfutterautomat mit Kälberschlupf 3701
    Feeder with calf creep
    Measures         2,20 x 1,75 m
    Capacity          950 ltr.
    Weight            305 kg

    Futterautomat einzeln 3805
    Feeder single
    Weight             233 kg

    3702.jpg 3702
    Calf creep single
    Weight             72 kg

    Kälberfütterer zum Einhängen

    Calf creep feeder to hang in
    Small version of the proven model 3701. Flexible to use in the calf pasture and in the calf box to hang in on doors and dividers of the pen.   

    Depth                          50 cm
    Height                         67 cm
    Filling capacity             275 ltr.
    Weight                         65 kg

    Kleine Kälberkrippe 3000
    Small calf feeder

    Small trough for mounting on to a pen divider. Ideal for creep feed. For hanging in dividers EX4 and EX5.
    Length                       150 cm
    Depth                          40 cm
    Height                         24 cm
    Filling capacity             120 ltr.
    Weight                         26 kg