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    Boluses – Extremely Forgery-Proof Identification System

    BOLUS.jpg BOL
    The bolus is an extremely forgery-proof identification system for ruminants and can be used for animal traceability in quality meat programmes. It is applied to the calf at 40 kg of weight and stays in the rumen until taken out at the slaughter house. The bolus meet the ISO standard 11784 and ISO 11785 for the worldwide electronic identification of animals. It works in farm animals with the particularly proven HDX transfer method with high reading distance. Size 70 x Ø 21 mm.
    Weight 76 g

    applikator_bolapp_2.jpg BOLAPP
    Applicator for bolus

    mbol.jpg MBOL
    Because the Rumitag-Bolus has been proven extremely well in the IDEA-trial, there was a wish to develop a bolus for very young and small animals. The result is the Mini-Bolus, which is significantly smaller at almost the same loss rate. It has been carefully developed and has proven well in the practical trial in access of 3 million applied Mini-Boluses.
    It can be given to lambs from 12 kg live weight upwards. The best is to lay the Bolus onto the tongue of the lamb. The Mini-Bolus has the same HDX-electronic and with that the same reading distance as the bigger version. Size 60 x Ø 11 mm. Weight 20 g

    mbolapp_2.jpg MBOLAPP
    Applicator for Mini-bolus