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    Frost security for all pipes with self rRegulating heating tapes

    Recommended for areas which are prone to frost, a heating pipe can be used to prevent freezing. Wrapping a heating tape along with the insulation ensures that the pipe will be heated. The water will not freeze, even during a severe frost.

    • The self regulating tape supplies the heating performance at local demand.
      That saves energy in well insulated pipe sections.
    • The self regulating character avoids overheating of the tape. The heating band doesn´t heat above a surrounding temperature in access of 65 ºC.
    • Valves can be wrapped without danger.
    • Already installed pipes can be made frost proof without changing the pipes!
    • Fast and simple installation on pipe diameters up to 1½” parallel to the pipe
    • Fast connection system with DomoClick.
    • Exact cutting with a cutting pliers.
    • Security due to VDE – registration
    • Heating tape switches on only when demanded due to thermostat and pipe feeler. The ideal addition to the heated NELSON drinking bowl.
    • The self regulating heating tape RHB-10 is developed for the frost protection of cold water pipes.
    • Performance: 10 W/m at 0 ºC, cutting down to almost 0 W/m at 65 ºC (self regulating)
    • Maximum surrounding temperature: Switched off above 80 ºC
    • Measurements: Oval 12 x 5 mm
    • Operation voltage: 230 V
    • Maximum heating length: 170 m with a 16 A fuse (characteristic K after
      DIN VDE 0660 for consumers with a high switch on electricity use).
      A trip switch 30 mA has to be provided.
    • Our pipe heating comes from the housing engineering and works on 230 V.
      It fulfils the highest quality standards and should be only installed and connected by an authorized person
    • Caution: Pipe, heating and insulation have to be protected against biting and kicking in the pen area!

    Way of working
    Self regulating heating tapes are made from specially manufactured plastic, with integrated carbon particles, which form the heating element between two copper conductors. If the surrounding temperature rises, the plastic expands and the electric resistance increases, the heating performance decreases. If temperature cools down, the process inverts and the heating performance increases, but
    the self regulating tape reacts centimetre for centimetre on temperature changes. Easy connection
    on one side, because both copper conductors are in one tape for the electric circuit. The other end of the heating tape can be lengthened as needed. It needs just an ending cover, to prevent moisture and touching.

    Self regulating heating tape
    For pipes up to 40 mm Ø, with a performance of 10 Watt/m at 0 ºC surrounding temperature. Switches off locally at 65 ºC surrounding temperature. High quality construction of parallel copper conductors with the heating element of molecular plastic in between, covered with protection weave and additional plastic coating.

    Quick connection set DomoClick
    With end piece, consisting of: Heating tape connection with electro socket,end piece, 1 RHDE, cable ties for pipe mounting and frame for wall mounting, caution stickers “electro connection heating tape”. Comfortable, fast and easy mounting,only a pair of pincers, deinsulating pliers and screw driver needed.

    in DomoClick quick connection design with mounting materials and two DomoClick end connections RHDE.

    DomoClick with electro connection.
    Contents three end connections RHDE.

    Quick connection set DomoClick
    for the connection of two heating tapes with mounting material and one DomoClick end connection RHDE.

    DomoClick RHDVE
    on the heating line. Contents two end connections RHDE.

    Electronic thermostat
    With PT-100 touching pipe feeler, 220/230 V with 16 A switching performance. Switching termperature is set at 3º C and can´t be changed.

    Electronic thermostat
    With PT-100 touching pipe feeler, 220/230 V with 16 A switching performance. Infinitely variable adjusting of temperature from -5º C to +15º C. Illuminated display, heating and feeler are protected by a fuse. Temperature feeler with 5 m cable, can be shortened as needed. For energy saving control of a heating tape.

    Aluminium self adhesive foil
    75 mm wide, for tying and important for the temperature exchange when plastic pipes are used!