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    Accessories For Nelson Waterers

    tr200.jpg TR200
    For NELSON drinking bowls.
    Power inlet 230 V, outgoing 24 V, 200 W
    Hight 14 cm, width 13,4 cm, depth 8,7 cm, weight 4 kg

    tr400neu.jpg TR400
    For NELSON drinking bowls series 760.
    Power inlet 230 V, outgoing 24 V, 400 W
    Hight 17,5 cm, width 17,2 cm, depth 11 cm, weight 7,7 kg

    1004.jpg 1004
    Water line insulation
    For NELSON drinking bowls
    For the water supply. Special water-repellent design from refrigeration technology. Insulates also when wet, due to closed porous foam. Ideal for the supply pipe direct under the bowl.
    Inner diameter 42 mm, wall thickness 19 mm.