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    Accessories For Pasture Tent Airone

    As accessories for pasture tent Airone you can get side covers with ground bar and curtain rails. Please note the type when ordering.

    All tents can be equipped with gutters to connect them to each other, closable all around with side covers. The side parts build with the ground bar a sturdy side cover or can be used as a curtain with the curtain rail and rolls. All side parts are available with one or more integrated plastic windows.



      Side cover
    for pasture tent Airone
    with ground bar, curtain rail and rolls
      Side cover 3 m ZAVSP3
      Side cover 4 m ZAVSP4
      Side cover 4,9 m ZAVSP5
      Side cover 6 m ZAVSP6

    Permanent cover
    for pasture tent Airone
    with ground bar

      Permanent cover 3 m ZASP3
      Permanent cover 4 m ZASP4
      Permanent cover 4,9 m ZASP4
      Permanent cover 6 m ZASP6

      Arched window
    1,5 x 1 m

      Gutters between 2 tents
      Gutters 3 m ZARR3
      Gutters 4 m ZARR4
      Gutters 4,9 m ZARR5
      Gutters 6 m ZARR6


      Set of ground pegs
    for Airone square (8 pcs.)
      Tent anchor for soft ground ZANK